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Dedicated to my great-great-great grandfather, Private Ellwood Rodebaugh, Company D, 106th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, killed at the Battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862.

"And may an Overuling Providence continue to cause good to come out of evil, justice to be done to all men where injustice has long prevailed, and finally, peace, quiet, and harmony to come out of this terrible confrontation and our country's fiery ordeal." -- Albert Champlin, 105th Ohio, Diary entry of June 19, 1864 (Western Reserve Historical Society)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Beautiful Day at Chickamauga

If you're in Georgia doing research for a book, and you suddenly have a day with no plans, and if you are a Civil War historian, the answer is easy.

You drive to Chickamauga. 

When I left Kennesaw this morning, it was cool, cloudy, and a bit rainy. When I arrived at Chickamauga, just south of the Tennessee-Georgia border, it was in the 60s, sunny, and a beautiful day. I drove around the park, took pictures, hiked a bit, and just thought about how fortunate I am to live in a country that preserves historic sites like Chickamauga, and how fortunate we all are that God created the sun (after a very harsh winter in Cleveland, this Georgia sun was a much welcome respite).

The Florida Monument

 Monument marking the spot where Brigadier General Benjamin Helm, the brother-in-law of Abraham Lincoln, was mortally wounded

The Brotherton Cabin

 Wilder's Lightning Brigade Monument

 Monument marking the HQ site for James Longstreet's force following the Confederate breakthrough on the afternoon of September 20, 1863

 2nd Minnesota Monument on Snodgrass Hill

 I met "Nick" the volunteer dog today

I didn't get the name of Nick's fellow human volunteer, but she was very helpful in answering my questions and making sure I had all the maps I needed to properly tour the battlefield. 

Union artillery position on Snodgrass Hill

Snodgrass Hill HQ site for Major General George Thomas, "the Rock of Chickamauga"

 Snodgrass Cabin, used as a field hospital after the battle

One final shot of the Florida Monument

All in all, it was a great day. I managed to get in a little hiking at Kennesaw Mountain when I got back to Kennesaw later in the day. 

Tomorrow's forecast for Kennesaw is mid 60s and sunny. I am planning on spending the entire day hiking the battlefield.

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